We are dedicated to delivering high-quality cannabis products at a fair price for everyone.

Following in the footsteps of the great Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, the Weed Pool Cannabis Cooperative is a collective of proudly independent cannabis retailers dedicated to supporting a thriving grassroots cannabis marketplace.


About Us

Carrying on a legacy.
Building a shared vision.

The Weed Pool Cannabis Cooperative finds inspiration in the pioneering spirit of those that came before us, who believed in hard work, fair pay and integrity above all else. The Weed Pool exists to protect that legacy and nurture the same spirit, levelling the playing field and placing the good of the many ahead of the good of a few.

“The pool is the world’s largest farm, the world’s largest shipper of wheat, the Biggest Business in Canada – and it was built by the Man Behind the Plow.”

— W.A. Irwin, 1929


Independence at the core.


We are a group of proudly independent cannabis retailers that found ourselves priced out of the marketplace by monolithic corporations. Determined not to give up, we united to form a cooperative, aggregating our resources and gained the leverage we needed to negotiate a fair price and equal opportunity to compete in the marketplace.

We succeed by operating with integrity above all, placing the benefit of our members over the blind pursuit of profit. Our movement, founded in the prairies, now spreads across the country, proudly carrying on the legacy of freedom, unity and independence started by our namesake nearly a century ago.


It works better when we work together.

We are passionate about our cause and work hard to promote a culture of mutual support, where members can meaningfully contribute to the success of other members. We are dedicated to placing the good of the group ahead of the financial gain of a few.


Discover support and opportunity within our community.

Weed Pool members have far more reach and visibility than an individual store could attain on its own. Being recognized as a Weed Pool member will tell customers that you are independently owned and operated and that you are part of the community that you operate in.


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